Theres certainly been to deluge of cases for the iPhone 6 this time around when compared to other iPhone realeases.  One of the first to get a full iPhone 6 case out of the gates is NoReve Tradition iPhone 6 case.

As always with a NoReve case you wont be struggling for a range of colors with 12 available for selection and for an extra 5 euro ups your color choices to a whopping 45 colors enough to satisfy the choosiest of types.

To use it’s full name Housse cuir Apple iPhone 6 [ Tradition – 2107T ] is your simple flap on the front style case

Installation is a simple matter of sliding one side ofyour iPhone underneath the ridge of the cas and then a firm press on the other side to snap things into place.  

The grip offered by the case is solid and your phone wont be accidentally sliding out and heading towards terra ferma anytime soon. 

If you want to remove your iPhone from the Noreve case that’s a whole different matter requiring a substanctial amount of pressure on the sides of the case to be able to get your fingers around your phone to prise it out.

Build Quality 

Sadly despite the grip offered to the side of the phone there is a slight gape between the back of the iphone and the case.  Should any grit or sand get between the two it’s not going to be pretty.  This wont be a case you’ll be wanting to take out to the elements but then it’s not designed to be in those environments.

The gap onthe front flap is even more prevelant than the back with enough room for a coin or something else to get between the two, this shold be less of a problem if you have a screen protector (which obviously you do, don’t you?)

—Camera hole image.—
One place that I would have liked to see a flush fit is around the flash area.  The slight gap results in light bouncing off the inside of the case just a little, oversaturating the picture with the bounce back.

As I said earlier there is a slight gap between the back of the iPhone and the case and whilst it is hitting the top and bottom of the cut out it doesn’t seem to impair the image with flash during my testing.


One of the things I really love about the iPhone 6 design has to be rounded glass edge  of the phone. Swiping and navigating feels Natural when compare to you when your family hits the metal bands of the iPhone 5 onwards.   This experience was one reason why I’d been holding off on an iPhone 6 case (roundup)

Yes you do notice there is a case but not to an overly distracting extent.   

Given just how much I love the rouned glass surrounding the iPhones display I’d held of on getting a case so as not toi spoil the experience.  You do notice the case is there, no denying that but you still get to swipe right to the point of feeling that curve in the glass.

Navigation swping from either sides hasn’t been an issue in the day to day usage and I’ve not found myself doing a finger tip press at the edge.  

—picture of buttons—

I would like to have seen potentially more exposure for the side of the phone with perhaps less coverage on teh sides and the corners being the most  utilised area for grip but that comes with a sacrafice of looking after those metal sides.

Three Weeks Later

Durable be thy name.  As always seems to be the case (pardon that pun) the moment any iPhone I have is wrapped in a protective enclose  coinsides with an attack of the dropsies, hence why some of the pictures don’t look out of the box pristine.  At Essentialmac we don’t just review it we use it as well.

 and it’s done a grand job of protecting my 

On this particular case I would’ve liked to have seen more of the left hand side of the phone more exposed as that is the natural backwards swiping position.

After three weeks of continual and daily usage the case has shown how durable it is. As always and bee seems to be the case “pardon the pun” the moment I have my iPhone wrapped in a protective enclosure is precisely the time when I get an attack of being clumsy.

The leather style material certainly seems to be able.

The leather style material is certainly durable as it’s come up unscuffed and the case has held in shape despite several encounters with the floor.


The only real issue I have with this product is having to plug and unplug my headphones over time I want to see the front of my phone. A small notch on the front flap would be much more practical but aesthetically wise perhaps not the best.

Although I often moderate cases with slots for credit cards that you can’t practically use I am missing it on this particular model. If and when Apple Pay does come to the UK this may not be an issue.

Housse cuir Apple iPhone 6 [ Tradition – 2107T ] is available from for €49,90 or £38.97 / $62.34 approx dependingo n exchange rates

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