Editing a podcast on iOS has just gotten a whole lot easier thanks to a new feature in Ferrite Recording Studio. From the development team Wooji Juice, Ferrite is a nicely featured but not over burdened recording and editing studio aimed at podcasters.

Ferrite comes with a built in feature called “strip silence”. This is immensely handy for those times when recording when a long pause is introduced, maybe by someone gathering their thoughts, a technical issue or something else, where you can automatically detect the silence and strip it out. This is something I do regularly when editing the Essential Apple show albeit within Audacity.

Audacity had a one up over Ferrite with it’s truncate silence feature which took this process one step forward by not only stripping out the silence but deleting the gaps between where you had removed the silence.

image Podcast Editing Gets Easier on iOS with Ferrites Tighten Feature.

Some will say this style of automation can break the flow of conversation as it leaves no breathing room, removing a natrual feel to the audio. I can’t disagree especially if you go a little too heavy with truncating silence.  Thankfully my co hosts and I tend to be rapid talkers and very little empty air to this works for us. Granted this is also perhaps negated by Overcast and the Smart Speed feature as well.

image Podcast Editing Gets Easier on iOS with Ferrites Tighten Feature.

With the new “tighten” feature  after you have stripped silence or done your own editing you can now close the gaps between edits easily with 2 dials. Specify the silence duration and the amount you want to close the gaps by and it shows the changes in real time to your audio at the top of the screen.

The end result is that an app which had an annoying omission, at least for my workflow, is being used more even if only for the shorter segments of the show.

Ferrite Recording Studio is a free download from the App store for iOS but you really want to grab the iPad version as Ferrite makes great use of the extra screen real estate.

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