Press Release: Affinity Designer for iPad has landed!

Affinity will be guesting on the show on the 19th July to talk about this and more!

Professional graphic design on iPad takes a giant leap forward today, as we launch Affinity Designer for iPad – the first full blown, desktop-grade graphic design solution available on iOS.

The culmination of years of meticulous development and innate determination to revolutionise the creative workflow on iPad, Affinity Designer is without a doubt our most ambitious and game-changing project to date.

Built with input from some of the world’s leading designers, and based on Apple Design Award-winning technology, Affinity Designer for iPad takes all the power and precision of our outstanding desktop app and converts it into a fully immersive design experience, you can take with you on the go. Making the dream of a full, end-to-end creative workflow on iPad finally a reality!

Check out Affinity Designer for iPad in action:
Video thumb1200pxi Press Release: Affinity Designer for iPad has landed!

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Essential Apple Podcast 68: SuperDuper! We Have David Nanian of Shirt Pocket Software

This week Apple released the iMac Pro, purchased Shazam, updated Final Cut X Pro, Logic Pro and Motion. Patreon reversed course and apologised to users. Disney bought most of Rupert Murdoch’s empire, and the FFC voted to remove the Net Neutrality rules in the US. We are joined by David Nanian of Shirt Pocket Software the makers of the excellent SuperDuper!, and we wonder if Mark can still hold back on the Quo…

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Loopback 1.1.2 Released. Full MacOS 10.12 Support and More

Loopback is an audio routing app which has been both a blessing and curse for me in my podcasting world. Think of loop back as a virtual mixer where audio sources can be passed into and out of into applications. With it’s latest release Loopback has become even more awesome.

Loopback 1.1.2 includes an important bug fixes for users with nested Loopback devices, as well as other small improvements.

Loopback 1.1 brought a slew of new features and improvements.

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Ferrite Recording Studio Updates – Extract audio from Video and more bitrate exporting options.

Ferrite is perhaps the best way to record, edit and publish a podcast right from your iOS device and I make no secret of my liking for Ferrite. I’ve used it more than once to edit the Essential Apple podcast and recently did a whole show on the topic of producing a podcast just using an iPad (Ep 17: Nothing more than an iPhone). A new update is out with new features exclusively for paying customers and general free updates.

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EE to Offer 6 Months Of Apple Music To New And Upgrading Customers

Apple and UK mobile phone giant EE have stuck a deal to offer 6 months of Apple music free to new or upgrading users to the EE mobile network. People familiar with the matter have reported that the CEO of EE flew out to Cupertino to get the deal done.

At the time of writing an EE store employee, who for obvious reasons wanted to anonymous, reported that front line staff are already being briefed on the deal which will be completely seperate from Apple’s 3 month trial.

The 6 months free Apple music offer is due to roll out soon and what better timing with the Apple Music Festival at the RoundHouse London coming up on September 18 – 30.

6 months of Apple free Apple music dwarfs any free trail offeres from rivals Spotify and Pandora who offer free premium service trails for up to 60 days if you Google around and with EE having pretty decent 4G coverage and speeds around the UK buffering shouldn’t be too much of an issue but of course keep an eye on your data limits.

This deal follows hot on another deal where customers can get  6 months free BT sport.

Find out more on the website about six free months of Apple music.

Apple Releases New Apple TV Remote App

Finally, some might say, the promised Apple TV Remote app has been released to the general public after being part of the iOS 10 developer Beta since WWDC.

The app is new and not an upgrade, is iPhone only mimicking the look and functionality of the Siri remote bundled with the latest Apple TV yet has some sizeable differences.

You can still get the old remote app called iTunes Remote but upon running an error pops up warning you it’s not optimised for iOS 10, if you are running it on the iOS 10 beta.

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BMO Drops Apple Target from $118 to $116

There seems to be a trend on Wall Street. Everyone is excited about Apple, but just not excited about Apple right now. Barron’s had BMO Capital Markets analyst Tim Long issuing a note on Thursday reiterating his outperform rating on Apple shares while cutting his expectations and his price target. The target goes from $118 to $116. ‘Two-Dollar-Tim’ we’ll call him now. As for his lowered expectations, gross margins have got him down in the near-term. He and his now estimate corporate gross margin of 37.5% versus consensus 38.3%, according to his note. He went on to write:

We believe the dilution from the iPhone SE was more pronounced in June, and September will be more driven by initial volume and gross margin on the iPhone 7.

Of course, we’ll out what last quarter held next Tuesday. That’s when Apple announces earnings and hold its Q&A call with financial analysts. Corn dogs to be served after — no reason, I just like corn dogs.

Source : Barrons