For those of you that are old enough to remember Angry Bird, that very popular, very annoying game where you threw the bird at pigs in different structures for each level, you will feel like you have already played this game.

The premise of the game is the same but the graphics are different, there’s a monkey throwing items at bananas in structures but that’s completely different isn’t it? There is one major difference with this game, there is a multiplayer mode where you can play with your friends and there is an extra game mode called Farming.

Jungle Treasures 2 GamePlay Review : Jungle Treasures 2, Angry Birds But With Monkeys?

You have to catch bananas by popping the different bubbles in different ways. The orange ones are popped by holding your finger on them and the blue ones are just popped by pressing them.

The main game mode has a map to show which level you are on and as you move up the levels the structure gets more intricate and the bananas get more difficult to pop.

Jungle Treasures 2 How To Play Review : Jungle Treasures 2, Angry Birds But With Monkeys?

I guess this game is like Marmite, if you liked Angry Bird, you will love it. Otherwise you’ll hate it. I personally didn’t like Angry Bird but I gave this game a fair shot, however by level four I remembered why I didn’t like Angry Bird. The burgeoning desire to throw my already damaged iPhone at a wall came rumbling up from somewhere deep inside. Aside from that I was already bored by the game.



  1. True it is not that different from angry birds. BUT the multiplayer mode is definitly an upgrade! You can trash your friend or random opponent’s own building. Also the banana farming mode is pretty addictive.

  2. You bring up a good point there. The version we had in for review was the free version and thanks to your feedback we’ve implemented a “full version only” policy for apps.

    This was a guest review spot where it turns out that games like this really aren’t their forte and again we’ve addressed that in future reviews.

    Finally THANK YOU for the feedback/ If you want to share any more comments or add to the review please do.

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