According to a new Wall Street Journal report based on “sources familiar with the matter” Apple plans to include short-range wireless technology into its coming smart watch.  According to people familiar with the matter signaling that it sees a role for the device in digital payments but the Journal hears for the wearable is the inclusion of near field communications or NFC along with sensors to track and monitor health and fitness data.

Even better the WSJ is reckoning on all of this will coming in one of two sizes both of which will feature a curved oled screen.  The Journal and its sources expect Apple to announce the wearable device on Tuesday.

That doesn’t mean anyone will be strapping one on anytime soon though according to the report people familiar with Apple’s plans said it is unlikely that Apple would release the Smart watch this year because the Cupertino California company is still working out engineering kinks in production.
Apple’s wearable has not been announced yet the Wall Street Journal thinks if it’s not on your wrist by the end of this year it will be late quoting the paper

 if the watches release is delayed the next year would likely mean the chief executive Tim Cook failed to deliver on a pledge to push Apple into a new product category in 2014 something it hasn’t done since introducing the iPad in 2010

However Mr. Cook has said repeatedly that Apple will take its time to make sure it gets new products right before offering them for sale while it’s hard to see how something Apple has never acknowledged could be considered late, the journal does make a compelling case.

The world is in the last third of 2014 CEO Cook did indicate that Apple would be in the something truly new before the world hits the first third of 2015.  That said Apple is unlikely to rush the product out the door when it be neat if it got out to consumers this year and it worked.

My take is.. Where are all the parts leaks for the iWatch.  Who said Apple was ever going to be into the smart watch market.  All Apple have ever done is trademarked iWatch and registered the domains.  Doesn’t mean anything.

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