In an article that’s long overdue we are putting the Elgato Tivizen and the Equinux Tizi head to head in this exclusive article.

Seeing as the hardware under the hood is exactly the same we are going to focus on the user experience, breaking it down into the following categories.

Getting Up and Running
How easy is it to go from nothing to viewing?

Channel Navigation
How is the structure of the EPG, the feel and usage of the application

Other Features
Teathering to your mac for view and bundled software


Installation & Support Woes

Testing the Tizi on the iPhone installation couldn’t of been easier an so you’d thing it would be the same but scaled up on the iPhone for the Tivizen.  Also not.  Following the instructions, the ipad was connected to the Tivizen network, booted the app (after clearing any running applications) waited for it to connect…. waited a bit more…. waited to connect again.. Nothing.  Same with the iPhone.

The waiting game..

A few days later a new app was released allowing us to connect the iPad but not the iPhone to the Tivizen so a step in the right direction.  Alas the support provided from Elgato was useless.  We emailed them several times to be told the standard lines of reboot the device, reboot the iPhone, restore the iPhone and the usual.  Last thing we heard it was being escalated

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