I’m not overly fussy or picky when it comes to technology but I do like to do a bit of research first, especially something that I use all the time.  For example I wont purchase a cheap mouse or keyboard because “it’ll do” as that just stupid and headphones are no exception.  Finding these Sony DR-EX300iP heaphones and checking out their 4 and 5 star review you’d think it’s a no brainer and for someone like me needing, no craving some better phones for iPhone I bought a set of these Sony DR-EX300iP with high hopes.

Let me explain my listening habbits. Normally I would have the radio going but with this not being an option on the iPhone, podcasts make up the majority of my listening. Followed by audiobooks and then music for when out and about on my bike. The Apple headphones were ok and do the job but I just craved something with a bit more and that didn’t get dirty the moment someone even as much mentioned the word dust in the room.

I was going to write that my listening was diverse but upon thinking about it, probably no different to most iPhone and iPod users. An ideal platform as well to test headphones fully. I realise that head phones are suited for differing types of music so a good al rounder was needed and these looked good on paper. Hopes were high.

How quickly hope is replaced with searing disappointment

The Bass and lower notes are hollow with no depth to them at all. Imagine a circle of a speaker and how the speaker cones into itself in the middle. These lack any of the inner speaker what so ever.

High notes such as the snare on a cymbal hit that special trill level that invokes an almost piercing sound right at the top.

Normally you would put these down to Boom and TIS headphones, the sort that have no mid range. These neither have midrange let alone any boom and tiss. An example songs by pink floyd that are layered are lifeless beyond comprehension.

The only good thing I have to say about these is that the headphones do fit snug, even if looking stupid and the microphone / volume control works great. Thats about it!
In short, a set of headphones that sound worse than the standard apple ones

Sony Headphones Sony DR EX300iP In Ear With Remote & Mic Worse than Stock Apple Headphones
Sony DR-EX300iP In-Ear Headphones With Remote & Mic, making iphone headphones sound GOOD


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