It might be just a little late but Batman, Arkham Asylum has hit the mac store. This was one of my favourite games on the PC and hooked me in for hours so it’s nice to see it hit the Mac.

Batman Arkham Asylum Header Batman Arkham Asylum Now Available On The App Store[pullquote_left]It’s a cracking game but why can’t we get it for the steam price of 9.99?[/pullquote_left]Priced at 27.99 (at the time of writing) the game comes in at 8.5gb in size so those with download caps might want to keep an eye on their limits.  As one person in the comments points out you can get the same game for the PC for ONLY 9.99.

Specs aren’t too bad requiring an ATi x1xxx, Nvidia 9400, Nvidia 7000 and Intel GMA cards are supported.  Those of you rocking Nvidia 320m (guilty as charged) or Intel HD 3000 graphics cars will need a minimum of 4gb of ram to play.

It’s at times like this I’m gutted that our Hackintosh project is dead in the water to be able to play stuff like this.

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