2 malware alerts on the Mac in as many weeks, this the start of the end for the safety concious apple system or just an oversight of Apple not patching their Java machines.   Here’s some simple instructions to check for and remove SabPab (SubPab, PubSab)

  1. Goto the library folder for the user account you are logged into
    (hold the Option button and select Library from the Finder’s “Go” menu in OS X Lion),
  2. open the LaunchAgents folder and the Preferences folder within the user library.
  3. In the LaunchAgents folder, locate and remove the file called “com.apple.PubSabAgent.plist.”
  4. Go to the Preferences folder and remove the file called “com.apple.PubSabAgent.pfile”
    (note the extension “pfile” instead of “plist”)
  5. The first document here is the launcher that keeps the process running, and the second is the process itself.

Screen Shot 2012 04 17 at 16.24.17 How to check for and remove SabPab (SubPab, PubSab)

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