Glui certainly shook things up on it’s release taking the contender skitch full on and beating it quite comprehensively.  To celebrate the latest update Glui is FREE for the week and there’s a whole host of updates.

What’s New in Glui Version 1.2

To celebrate this huge update Glui is FREE for the week. Tell your friends!

You can now:

  • Quickly share via email, message, Twitter or Facebook
  • Change the color of annotations
  • Crop images
  • Customize some keyboard shortcuts
  • Set Glui to automatically scale down high resolution Retina images to 72 PPI
  • Select annotations by holding down Shift and drawing a selection
  • Nudge selected annotations with arrow keys. Hold down Shift to nudge in larger increments
  • Two new shortcuts: Rename Image (⌘R) and Bring Glui to Front (⇧⌘0)
  • Set Glui to not copy anything after upload


  • Arrows are now drawn in the right direction. You can invert drawing direction under preferences, but give it some time and you’ll never want to go back
  • Window snapshots now has a nice subtle drop shadow
  • Text now has outline instead of background
  • Other minor enhancements

Bugs fixed:

  • Editor sometimes opened an old screenshot after a capture
  • Images was scaled to double size on Retina Mac’s with a non-Retina external display set as its main display
  • Other minor fixes.

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