PixelPumper 1.2.1 has just been released with support for HTML editing, online drafts and a whole host of bug fixes. Alas it does come in the form of a rather price add on for £7.99 then again compared to other blog offerings it might not seem that bad a price

wpid Pixel Pumper With Nerd Mode PixelPumper 1.2.1   Now With Added Nerd Mode For HTML Editing

The last PixelPumper update happened way back in 24th July 2013 and since then, nothing. I’ve even reached out to them to ask for any updates but have still yet to see a response from anyone at Vato Venture.

PixelPumper – Vato Ventures is a free download from the App store with a Pro Upgrade option to get the added nerd mode

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