VLC main window 640x303 Video Lan Client 2.0 is out. Sports new look and features

Rumours have been abound for weeks that a new version of the ever popular Video Lan Client or VLC was due significant upgrade for the Mac and here it is, ready for download in all its 64-bit goodness.

Alongside being a 64-bit binary this is a major update featuring a completely redesigned user interface, full-screen support Lion and experimental support for Blu Ray discs.

VLC  has always been on the Essentialmac, essential applications list as it pretty much plays anything you can chuck  at it.   Support also includes some of those Windows formats such as .asf,  wmv, DVR-MS kinda works but who likes that format anyhoo?  VOB and ISO disk image formats are present as well allowing you to play ripped DVD’s.  Theres a rather handy codec information screen as well, letting you know the finer points of what’s playing.

VLC Meta Information 640x480 Video Lan Client 2.0 is out. Sports new look and features

In possession of a network attached storage storage device That supports universal plug and play or DNLA?   You’re in luck as VLC 2.0 supports the sources as well.   I couldn’t get it to detect my videos but music works just fine. I’d say that’s more of a problem with my NSA210 device  than the program itself.

VLC 2.0 Internet Stations 640x480 Video Lan Client 2.0 is out. Sports new look and features

VLC has always supported Internet streaming out of the box  but normally had to be enabled by tinkering around in the menu options. On this version export to the forefront with the ability to add more streams and sources.

Still early days?

Ss you can see the look and feel of the application has been greatly improved yet at times the spinning beach ball reared it’s head during usage more than once. We were unable to ascertain what the source of this problem was as our Mac has been running a little bit sluggish recently.

For us quitting VLC seemed to be a trial in itself though to be fair we just installed over the top so that might be why (we hope at least)

All these features still not enough for you? The best thing is Video Lan Client 2.0 is completely free and available from the VideoLan website.

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