Simon installed the High Sierra Beta and it bit him back! After a fair amount of sweat, swearing and effort though he thinks it may all have been for the best in the end. This week are joined by “internet royalty” Snaggy and Nitrozac of the revered Joy of Tech web comic and, well, hilarity ensued! Slippers, iPhone Propeller Beanies, virtual carpets and more…

Recorded 16th July 2017

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Apps mentioned this week

On this week’s show:

  • Podcasting is due to get a huge boost and bandwidth savings thanks to full support for Variable Bit Rate for podcasts coming in iOS11
  • Is Apple about to roll out a live-streaming feature? – Business Insider
  • Hardly new news as this was revealed in last year’s WWDC in the form of replay kit which is only used for a handfull of games. Think I’ve seen maybe three twitch streams with it
  • KFC’s iPhone killer has arrived – The Verge
  • Apple patent involves facial recognition on devices such as the iPhone – Apple World Today
  • As Apple prepares premium-priced ‘iPhone 8,’ luxury smartphone maker Vertu collapses – AppleInsider
  • macOS users beware: A new and nearly undetectable malware is on the rise – TechRepublic
  • A £600 iPhone may be worth just £100 with travel insurance – Daily Mail

Nemo’s Hardware Store (25:20)

Sam Negri (1:33:30)

  • LG TV Not the one he mentions as that is obsolete already – but the nearest 2017 model we could find – older models can still be had though if you care to look them out.
  • Re-Fuel Wireless Earbuds

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