Recorded 10th July 2017

Simon installed the High Sierra Beta and it bit him back! He wanted to tell us all about it but we were having such a blast talking to Keith R Baker author of the Longshot series of historical fiction novels set in the American Civil War and his Technical Advisor/Cover Artist Monica Haynes about – well, everything, that we never even got around to that! Have a listen and welcome to the madness!

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On this week’s show:

  • Three allow all you can binge Netflix on mobile data. So long as you have a 4Gb or larger “Go Binge” plan – Digital Spy
  • Galaxy Note 7 returns as predicted with a slight name change and a smaller battery – Android Central
  • Skype update branded “worst ever”. Told you it sounded dreadful – now it’s here and people don’t like it much – BBC
  • Interesting speculation by Gruber posits that maybe they NEED a “luxury level” phone because they can’t manufacture such a device in sufficient numbers for it to be the “regular” iphone
  • Imagination Technologies put up for sale amid Apple row – BBC
  • Arrests in UK over Microsoft scam calls – BBC
  • MacJim’s review of the new GLIF Phone Tripod and Mount is posted up on Essential Apple

Nemo’s Hardware Store (41:00)


We had some feedback from @Twitrannosaurus via Twitter, but just like Simon, it’s going to have to wait until the next show!

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