This week Apple quietly emasculated macOS Server, removed Telegram from the App Store for a little bit and, allegedly, pushed back some new iOS features to focus more on reliability and performance. Meanwhile Open Source turned 20 years old, a Florida man gets a mind controlled robotic prosthetic arm and British MP Matt Hancock, Digital Secretary, has a social app that is a privacy horror.
To discuss all that and more Mark and I are joined by Scott Willsey of the Don’t Nihongo it Alone podcast, the Not Speeding in Reverse Podast and the recently revived Pocket Sized Podcast.

Recorded 4th February 2018

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  • Apparently HomePod should work with iCloud music library even without Apple Music service – 9to5 Mac
  • Apple whispers farewell to macOS Server – The Register
  • iPhone ‘Super Cycle’ Pronounced Dead – Bloomberg
  • Telegram removed from Apple’s App Store due to ‘inappropriate content’ – The Verge
    it’s back again now by the way…


  • Open source turns 20 years old, looks to attract normal people – The Register
  • Libre Office 6.0 released – Softpedia
  • NVIDIA proves the cloud can replace a high-end gaming rig – Engadget
  • Vivaldi Browser 1.14 launches vertical reader mode – Vivaldi
  • Florida Man Becomes First Person to Live With Advanced Mind-Controlled Robotic Arm – Futurism


  • What a Hancock-up: MP’s social network app is a privacy disaster – The Register


A couple of privacy/security focussed tools this week courtesy of our very own Slackroom digital forensics expert @dougee

  • SudoApp lets you create multiple Sudo identities for free – each with its own custom phone number and email address – IOS App Store
  • Need to generate a fake online identity? – Fake Name Generator

Nemo’s Hardware Store (xx:xx)

  • John Nemo is stricken with Laryngitis so no report from the Hardware Store this week I am afraid.

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