In a new series I’m calling “10 to impress”, I’m going to play through the library of Apple Arcade games starting with Rayman Mini. Rayman Mini is one of those runner games from the people at UBIsoft and thank lord it’s not been monetised.

As you would expect from a publishing house like Ubisoft this has captivating visuals, seamless animations and humours touches to the gameplay. After 10 minutes of gameplay I’m not entirely sure this is one designed for a long play session yet to kill time and keep you just about hooked in terms of replay ability.

Whilst everything feels solid, well constructed and presented in a high polished state, for me there’s just something lacking. A touch of spark or crazy that the Rayman franchise used to have. This isn’t to say it’s a good game because it is, maybe it’s more indicative of a platform where platformer burnout seems inevitable eventually.

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