Essential Apple Podcast 110: Scrap-Book Air?

This week of course Apple had a keynote event in New York and revealed a host of items, some expected (iPad), some only hoped for (Mac Minis and MacBook Airs)… Also they had an earnings call – not something we tend to get overly wrapped up in on this show but there were a couple of points of interest. Unsrprisingly there wasn’t really much other news of note to us but even so we run extra long…
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iPad Pro 9.7″ Accessories Experiences

Apple Smart Cover, Apple Magic Keyboard, Adore June Keeb Sleeve
and Smatree Pencil Holder Case. A review by MacJim

Some time ago I bought an Apple Smart Keyboard for my iPad Pro 9.7”. While I was quite happy with this new device, I did think the keyboard was on the cramped side but, over time, I got used to it. The Apple Smart Keyboard worked fine for a while and had become my main cover for my iPad, but over time I began to get problems with it, as I would see intermittent error messages saying ‘this device is not compatible with this device’.

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STM Atlas iPad Pro case Review

The 12inch iPad Pro is a wonderful piece of kit. It has fast become one of my favourite pieces of Apple technology. However for the longest time it basically remained the iPad I kept at home. Both the cost of the darn thing and the insurmountable size of it made me nervous of taking it with me when I hit the road (in my case this is usually public transport as I sold my car last year). However with the recent addition of the Atlas iPad Pro case I have started to feel more comfortable taking this monstrous device out with me.

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TwelveSouth Releases BookBook for iPad Pro

TwelveSouth make some lovely items and although they may be a bit on the pricey side they certainly look good and last well. To complement their ever expanding range of BookBook covers available for virtually everything that Apple currently makes (with the exception of the iMac and Mac Pro…although I REALLY want to see a BookBook cover for a 27inch iMac) they now produce one for the 12.9inch iPad Pro.

The case features all of their usual stylish trademarks including being manufactured from genuine leather. Also included is a kickstand to place the iPad at an angle for wrist-friendly typing and artistic drawing with an Apple Pencil.

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Review : 9.7 iPad Pro Review – A Lot to like…

9.7 Inch iPad Pro Review
The 9.7 inch iPad Pro concentrates almost everything that’s amazing about the 12.9 inch original into a device that is easy to carry around as the iPad Air 2. That includes not only the ludicrously powerful A9X processor but the smart keyboard and the Apple pencil. Oh and it’s got an even better camera, let’s take a look. The 12.9 inch iPad Pro packs 2732 by 2048 pixels. The 9.7 inch iPad by contrast packs the same resolution as the Air 2048 by 1536. It has the same custom timing control as a bigger iPad Pro but also has a few surprises under the glass.

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iFixit Smart Keyboard Teardown

Is Anyone Surprised iFixit Gave Apple’s Smart Keyboard A Zero?

iFixit oh how you are a dual sided beast of a website. Sure you provide a great service, detailed breakdowns and I’ve even used you many times to take apart a broken hard drive enclosure, even though getting the darn thing back together was a nightmare. Yet why not place a few honest comments about your tear downs of Apple products?

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iPad Pro’s Powerful A9X Cpu A Threat To Intel’s Atom

Apple CEO Tim Cook thinks Apple’s new iPad Pro could replace traditional computers for a number of people than Cowan and Company analyst timothy Arcuri things that could be the case at some point

analyst Timothy Arcuri issued a issueda note on Thursday focusing heavily on the new tablet suspects. He says the devices A9X chip beats processors in the 12 inch MacBook and the MacBook Air though it lags behind the core i5 some core i7’s that power the power the MacBook Pro line.

He was similarly impressed with the graphics processing for the new machines though he knows that techs and spec do not a winner make, at least not on their own.

Quoting the report report Arcuri was quick to point out that software developers will ultimately determine how much the iPad Pro can replace a PC for mainstream consumers in particular it remains to be seen whether or not developers can create experiences for the iPad to compare favorably to the same software on a desktop or notebook.

If they can Arcuri’s believes Intel’s mobile CPU business might be most at risk despite the potential for cannibalization within Apple’s own line of higher and Mac products.

quoting Arcuri’s note

while the iPad Pro is not a PC replacement yet Apple and ARM are coming in the hardware is certainly a threat to Intel’s mobile CPU business once the software developers catch up

Of course being an analyst and happy with the new iPad pro Arcuri is clinging to his tepid market perform rating on Apple shares he’s also maintaining his 12 month price target on the stock of $135