Looking to get your iPad Pro on Sprint will sell you one of few ways Apple insider says the carrier will sell buyers a 120 GB LTE enabled model for $1079 if that price sounds familiar that’s because it’s the same price one would pay Apple for the same machine.

That said if you are willing to sign a two-year data contract with Sprint you get that machine for $100 less for $979.

Why on earth would anyone signed a two-year data contract to save $100?

I haven’t done the math it’s hard to imagine you next end up saving that $100 it seems more likely you just be paying $100 less up front then again maybe it comes of the same price seems unlikely but maybe that is the case with Sprint third buying option according to the report people who choose to go through Sprint easy pay must instead fork over a $200 down payment followed by 24 monthly payments of $36.67 on that I did do the math that one comes out to $1080.08

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