The Growth of Mobile Gaming – an infographic provided by

Mobile gaming is growing at a rate of knots. Every day consumers continue to download games to their phones, with millions of people across the globe experiencing the thrill of gaming on their smartphones. Let’s take a look at the numbers behind the rise of mobile gaming.

As growth in mobile device ownership balloons, so does the rise in smartphone and tablet gaming. In fact, mobile devices are now being deemed as the top consumer gaming platform, defeating even the PC and dedicated consoles.

In research conducted between 2014 and 2017, growth in the number of users for smartphones sky-rocketed compared to the stable usage of PCs and consoles combined. Growth in revenue for mobile devices rose from $25 billion to $45 billion in 2017.

Mobile gaming also opened up an avenue for female gamers to explore. A gamer study in 2017, as featured in this infographic, showed an almost equal mobile gaming usage of female and male players. In fact, in North America with 146 million mobile gamers, 48% were reported to be female gamers versus 52% male players.  

With the unveiling of new mobile technologies (i.e. virtual reality), there’s no doubt that mobile gaming will continue to flourish. To examine the rise in mobile gaming, check out the detailed infographic by MrGamez…

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EyeTV Mobile, Watch live tv on your iPad 2

First the iPhone got it’s own tv tuner and now the iPad is getting the love as well with this dandy little box from Elgato.


elgato eyetv mobile EyeTV Mobile, Watch live tv on your iPad 2
Elgato Eyetv Mobile

The EyeTV Mobile hooks up to the dock connector and grabs the TV signal from it’s ever so bendy antenna.  It’s freeview so you are reliant with the signal in your area (see our Elgato Tizi review for issues with this) and once again you can’t hook it up to a roof top aerial.

The software supports the over the air EPG that’s broadcast and the ability to record shows in their native format to your iPad