Rok mobile is a first of its kind services offering hugely competitive mobile phone pricing with a bundled steaming music subscription. The prices are competitive and will be even more tempting not only with its generous allowances but also access to a streaming music service.

Rok mobile offers you two packages that combine minutes, data, texts, internet and streaming music in 2 packages. Running on the three network you’ll have 93% coverage in the uk and access to 4G services for no extra charge.

One thing to bear in mind with the packages below is that you can use tethering at not extra charge. Also data is unlimited but Rok do make it clear it’s unlimited but not unreasonable usage… which is completely fair.

UNLIMITED Mins and Texts, 4GB Data & UNLIMITED Music
£24.99 Per Month Rolling plan

250 Mins, 500 Texts, 3GB Data, UNLIMITED Music £19.99
Per Month Rolling plan.

Kudos to Rok mobile for making it clear that streaming audio via their own app won’t count against your data allowance and hopefully this marks the start of transparency and easier to read information.

The music offering isn’t too shabby either keeping up with the likes of Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer

  • 20 Million Tracks
  • 100% Ad Free
  • Unlimited Skips
  • Up to 2000 downloads
  • Radio and Curated Playlists

Streaming wise music is piped to your devices at a consistent 160 KBs across 3G, 4G and wifi. Spotify will allow you to switch streaming rates from Normal – 96 kbit/s, High – 160 kbit/s and Extreme – 320kbit/s

Finally all of this is coming from the UK’s Three Network which means you will be able to use all of this in a 4G area at no extra cost.

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