You remember Onavo? The data compression proxy that compresses images and text to save on your data usage? Now Google Chrome for Mobile attempts to do the same within the browser, removing the need to install certificates and such.

It’s work remembering that Opera for iPhone did this ages ago, compressing bigger images so you get the best from your data allowance.

When enabled, it will also include Chrome’s Safe Browsing technology to protect against malicious webpages. Google says the feature will roll out via app updates on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store over the next few days.

Way back in the midsts of time I posted about Onavo and the idea was great, free data compression to save on my data plan. What I was less impressed about is that you are selling EVERYTHING you do to anyone who wanted to purchase that information from Onavo. Spin forward a couple of years and Facebook aquired them which should worry everyone.

spdy proxy google Chrome For Mobile, Reduces Data Usage By Up To 50%

Chrome Data Compression & Privacy

One thing to be aware of is that by turning this feature on – which is done by visiting “Settings” > “Bandwidth management” > “Reduce data usage” in the application – you’re agreeing to route all your HTTP traffic through Google’s proxy servers. (The feature is disabled for HTTPS and “Incognito” mode.

Those Privacy Concerns

Google has said previously that while requests are logged, headers and cookies are stripped out, and the webpage content is cached, but not logged. Most importantly, Google says the logs are not associated with your Google account and the entire log entry is removed within six months. These details were noted in a Chrome privacy whitepaper last updated in November. Still, when the feature goes live, it will be worth keeping an eye on potential privacy policies changes…just in case.

Chrome – The web browser by Google is available for both iPhone / iPod and iPad

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