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Todays Ridiculous Rumour : Apple TV to Get TV Tuner..

Well it’s been a few months since the last Apple product release and so it’s the perfect time for the rumour mill to start up.  This time it’s 9 to 5 mac and their statement that there “could” be a tv tuner in the next Apple TV.

Unless there’s some play in progress to match iTunes content to live TV programs it seems a sure fire way for Apple to loose revenue.  The whole point of the present incarnation of the Apple TV is another way to watch Apple content on your TV rather than a traditional broadcast method.

What does makes sense would be a built in router,  It really would be the first port of call for Apple into your house.  Connecting devices to the wifi would be a simple tap thanks to iBeacon.  Shows could be streamed from the new Apple TV like a media centre and best of all, zero configuration.

You can see the whole amount of guesswork over at 9to5 mac

Rumour : Apple’s Next iPhone Feature A Self-Resizing Keyboard

Here’s some more exciting news for Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) fans — and those who frequently find themselves frustrated by over-sized fingers and tiny touchscreens. A recent patent application reveals that the Cupertino-based tech company may be exploring options for a touch correcting keypad, to further improve typing accuracy on mobile devices.

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iPhone 5 or 4s cases revealed?

Yup we are going to be amongst the bandwagon jumpers here on the net with this article. Apparently case manufacturer Case-Mate accidently…. leaks iPhone 5 case.

iphone5 cases iPhone 5 or 4s cases revealed?

The cases posted appear to have a curved silver aluminum back which suggests that either the iPhone 5 or 4S will have a similar looking back case of that of the iPad 2.  If it’s as nice to hold and feel as the 3gs is then i’ll be over the moon.  As much as I like the look of the iPhone 4 is gosh darn awful to hold and make a long phone call with.

The cases themselves look to be a shot in the dark with the cut away section for the camera and flash being so obvious, most cases tend to have carefully placed holes rather than a gaping cut away section.

Is this the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4s

iPhone Rumor Roundup As Of August 24th

Another day, moment, week and something apple is being rumored. So we’ve rounded up this weeks iPhone and Apple rumors in the best of the rumors.

iphone5 e1312311349396 iPhone Rumor Roundup As Of August 24th
iPhone5 Case

Friday 26th August : iPhone 4s Leaked Pictures

So it;s not actually the iPhone 4s but alleged pictures of the case for the 4s.  The pictures speak for themselves showing a lack of a home button and moving of the antenna.

Wednesday : An All New Mac

What a way to start the week with sites announcing that a source from Japanese news and rumors website release the news that Apple will release a new product.  All that’s been said is that it will be distinctly different.  Well thanks for that, a weight lifted from my mind and a new product from Apple will be released. Next we can all rest easy after Ford announce they will make a new car.

Tuesday : The Cheap iPhone4

Rumors abound now about a cheap iPhone 4 coming with 8gb storage.  This seems semi plausible as having a handset priced in the Android pricing sector would certainly stir things up

Monday : iPhone 5 Release Date For October

The October date has been chucked around more than once by AT&T and other “sources” and this one makes sense.  A traditional product announcement in the month of September and then release in October