Yup we are going to be amongst the bandwagon jumpers here on the net with this article. Apparently case manufacturer Case-Mate accidently…. leaks iPhone 5 case.

iphone5 cases iPhone 5 or 4s cases revealed?

The cases posted appear to have a curved silver aluminum back which suggests that either the iPhone 5 or 4S will have a similar looking back case of that of the iPad 2.  If it’s as nice to hold and feel as the 3gs is then i’ll be over the moon.  As much as I like the look of the iPhone 4 is gosh darn awful to hold and make a long phone call with.

The cases themselves look to be a shot in the dark with the cut away section for the camera and flash being so obvious, most cases tend to have carefully placed holes rather than a gaping cut away section.

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