Januarys rumour roundup.  So to post a Apple news item all you have to do is come up with something you know off, cite an “anonymous source” and then have that syndicated around other news sites all saying the same thing with different words.  Please come back “Angry Mac Bastards”

January started slow with the christmas period culling those imaginative minds of the rumour mill. Well at least thats my excuse for thinking of this article part way through the month.

26th January

Will iPhone 6 Improve Battery Life By Inscribing Solar Cells In Sapphire Glass-Coated Screens?

Not a bad start to the rumours with an intelligent piece of speculation more than rumour.  In a nutshell, take the fact that Apple are producing gear in the USA, mix in a request to be allowed to use the trade area in the UAE, formulate some costings of gorilla glass vs Sapphire and bingo you have an article like this.  There is a lot of leaps of faith tying things together but looking at Apple aqcusitions and patents but as we all know not all of them are used.
Posted Over At Forbes.Com : Sourced from seekingalpha.com

Apple reportedly working on mobile payment service

So it’s not a rumor instead Apple is reportedly peddling away at their own mobile payment service. It wasn’t enough that NFC wasn’t included and that caused uproar but because of no NFC Apple are now making their own payment service a-la paypal.  Hmm if only you could pay for something like Apple products via your iPhone and then walk into a store to collect them…

Posted Over At T3.com ripped from WSJ

Apple’s radical new product could kill Nintendo and GameStop

Bored with fancy talk of solar powered iPhones and different ways to take our money.  It’s not quite the Apple TV Talk we wait for Gene Munster to sound the rallying cry but a lot of leaping of faith to suggest a new but radical Apple TV to be released this year.
“I think Apple rolls the console guys really easily,” Gabe Newell told students at The University of Texas last year.

Posted Over At MacDailyNews Source Quoted As Sourced From 9to5Mac but links to Fool.com for the source.


27th January

Rumor: Apple is Planning to Run a Commercial During Super Bowl

Bwaaa haaa haaa haaa.  No one saw this one coming. Instead of buying airtime for the Superbowl Apple did it their way and produced a commercial nothing but iPhones and some “other” studio equipment.
Posted On MacTrast

Apple said to be prepping next-gen A8 processor

Less a rumor but stating the blindingly obvious.  It’s long been thought that Apple would want to move away from Samsung and head towards Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.  Their only has been capacity along with being able to fabricate with decent yeilds at 20nm.  That being said is there a new rush for a CPU with how much power is crammed into that A7? I’d say more ram please.
Posted On tabtimes – Made Up By Apple Insider garnered from DigiTimes (argh)

January 29th

A cheap iPhone now appears a certainty

Just as it always has, it shall always be.  Apple HAS to release a new, cheap iPhone every year to compete with emerging markets.  Let’s forget about the earnings call and that massive profits shall we?
Posted On MacDailyNews

January 30th

The iPhone 6 will apparently have a nearly unbreakable screen

And back to the start.  Granted this is actually a nice piece of work right up until the speculation starts.  All we have here is some building plans along with import / export documents.  Take it and run with it, why not..
Posted On – BGR : Ripped From 9to5 Mac

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