Recently I’ve been to quite a few places including London, Bristol,Swansea, Munich and so far maps really hasn’t missed a beat for me. That’s not to say it’s perfect but I’ve used a lot worse. WAZE when it first came about was a mapping app with NO maps. I know because I drove around my area contributing. So is maps really that bad?

Where I live it’s the wilderness, if you head west from London you get to the sea, take a right and you’ll end up at mine so unsurprisingly there is no satellite imagery. Checking google they do have imagery but its almost hopelessly out of date.

Street view only just happened around these parts 6 months ago. Sure it’s kinda cool to use at home to snoop on places where I used to live and granted, there’s times in London a good visual representation comes in handy. But let’s look at the trade off.

In my experience those major built up areas may say I’ve the full 5 bar signal strength but nothing was happening data wise. Apples maps is a lot easier on data which is a bonus when edge data speeds happen. Around here and London its an annoying daily occourance.

So data and speed its on a par with google. Street view is lacking but flyover should be a worthy competitor when it’s ready. Again this is apples first forray into mapping. Something people like to forget as apple is that massive evil empire and because they have all that money, nothing should be feature incomplete etc etc.

Maps Landmarks.

Only recently has the Statue of Liberty been given a 3d model. The London eye which is massively more complex to 3d model was ready at launch. I’ve grabbed some landmarks. Rome has flyover mode but Dubai is sadly lacking.

It doesn’t have my local superstore on there

Surely If you are looking for something local in your area that you know is there why do you need maps for it. Has anyone tried putting In a post code to see what happens if something is “missing?”

Where maps falls down.

Searching, well being more precise spelling. Googles “did you mean this …” Is neat. Well someone has to take care of a generation who only use txt spk. Searching for mariot hotel returns nothing, mariott works. I’m as guilty as i suspect quite a lot of are where I don’t bother to correct my typos or even bother to hit the right key as I know google will fix that for me. So wrong on so many levels I know.

It gets better the more people use it.

I’d sure as heck like to know how. That report a problem button is distinctly unlike Apple designs. Hidden, recessed, shadow colour is wrong so it’s not an obvious function to hit. Anyone care to guess just how big the reported issue length is?

Can maps Dented confidence be repaired ?

So there I am driving around town using maps and I start to worry. All those reports on the Internet, comments and posts saying how bad maps is resulted in my stress levels going up. Could I trust this app but then I got to thinking can I trust any navigation app?

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