Whats working for you out there? I fell out of love with the gadget show 2 seasons ago aka the last of the Suzi Perry years due to its inconsistency in products and especially fruity Cupertino based reviews. When will they realise its not iPhone vs android but iOS. Lets not even get started on products designed for the iPad but then get dumped into the generic “tablet products” categories.

What really gets me with this new gadget show format is the presenters talking at the camera to the side, dispensing with the obvious lly hideous notion of talking to the viewer. At times you feel like its a 2’s company, 3’s a crowd but that’s right up until competition time And an opportunity to make you call their lovely £1.50 a minute phone lines.

Scheduling another gadget based at the tail end of the gadget show is a ballsy manoeuvre although this is slightly mitigated with time shifting channels and online catchup services.

Hosted by Stephen Fry who’s probably on most of this articles readers twitter list, it’s less of a bang, whizzy overly dramatically tense affair. Instead we get a touch of elegance and stifled education about those gadgets that only Fry can deliver. Privately schooled but not afraid to said a well placed obscenity to punctuate a point, Fry walks us through gadgets mainly available on shelves now with the same interest of wondering does it actually work or does end up in dust bunny collection country.

This week a food task, not challenge, was to cook effortlessly with gadgets and then have guests over to rate the meal and its where the short 24 minute show starts to feel confined to that slot, almost with a sense of being an extended webisode. Don’t forget in those 24 minutes there’s and ad break and end of hour extended adverts.

Does the Phillips actifry cook great tasting chips? Yes it does. Finally a review without all the fripperies or ratings.

Obviously gadget man is targeted at an older demographic than the Gadget Show and for those not into trashy tabloids will appreciate the more sedate but yet getting down to it style of The Gadget Man.

But I wonder. What happened to The Gadget Geeks which was on Sky earlier this year?

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