In slow news weeks for Apple theres the trend that “writers” will start publishing stories from anonymous sources, which has time goes on get debunked more often. Take a look at the “No new hardware for WWDC” article as a prime example. Those sites which proclaimed it’ll be all about the software now shout it’ll be all about the hardware, or a mix, or new headphones. In other words clutching at straws.

People scoffed when Apple said they were going to double down on secrecy and perhaps this has made those other sites a touch worried. Without the insider leaks it’s left down to pure speculation and what’s the normal guesses when there’s a new iPhone.

More Memory
Better battery life

All of the tripe that anyone can write about. The iPhone going 64Bit, who saw that one coming? New system on a chip, guesses were close but nowhere near.

WWDC 2014 Fakery.

Such is the rush to push news out without any checking to see if it could even be slightly legitimate, all of those other sites were caught out with the iPhone 6 leaks.

Just how many sites reported on that and took it with fevered excitement about the new iPhone and it’s going to be bigger. At least one site did follow up to say it was a fake but they aren’t going to get any linking back goodness from me.

For ages I’ve wondered if the rumour mills will subside but I fear it’s now getting so desperate out there for hits it’ll only get worse now that Apple has shown it really has doubled down on secrecy.

WWDC iPhone Fake Too Many Rumours, Hardly Any Substance.

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