It’s been a week of dumb headlines which culminated in the Cult of Mac  saying “Apple TV dominates streaming but it makes people sad”  Sad for a feature that doesn’t eist on the Apple platform nor many others in the streaming box competitive area.

Maybe we should back up, Cult of Mac was looking at new numbers from the quarterly survey by Adobe called digital video benchmark.  What they found that digital video streaming devices are DBS D’s are growing in a big way.

Quoting the cult..

“Since last year connected devices like Apple TV Roku and gaming consoles have seen a 110% growth in use now account for 21% of viewing and of overtaken android devices and web browsers iOS devices still account for half of online watching”

Presumably that’s iOS devices besides Apple TV which is technically an iOS device even though almost no one thinks of it as one

Things by the way look awesome for that device quarterly report again this quarter Apple TV had a 10% increase in its own slice of the connected device by that now accounts for one in eight views 12.8%.

Apple TV is twice as popular as Roku 6% and almost 13 times as prevalent as Amazon fire TV 1% okay but did we not hear the headline Apple TV dominate streaming but it makes people sad.

While these sad people watching the sad Apple TV eats yet turns other fine with their Apple TV’s with her son about her rumors that haven’t come true or haven’t come true yet and it’s dumb stuff to boot quoting the peace Adobe’s look at social media and really we should just operate there suddenly still that’s quick enough for a headline quoting more of the peace.

Adobe’s look at social media shows that people tend to speak more positively about Roku than Apple’s streaming box.

While 37% of people spoke joyfully about their Roku was only 23% felt the same way about the Apple TV and 36% of post expressed sadness about Apple’s device versus only 26% for Roku.

The buzz surrounding Apple TV was dominated by sadness which was largely driven by the announcement to delay live TV streaming.

I’m not going to diss to cult of Mac, maybe they don’t keep up with Apple news much.  There was no announcing the delay live TV streaming because there’s never been any announcement to start live TV streaming through Apple TV. Rumors aplenty but no announcement.


The new generation of Apple TV certainly looks like it might shake things up, whilst not offering anything new to the digital streaming box devices it will bring a new level of fit and finish to a platform which has seen lack lustre Android boxes filling the space.

Ages ago I said what will make the Apple TV succeed above all others won’t be games or apps but the ability to find programmes.  Apple opening up search API to developers is certainly going to be a boon to the platform.

Updated. Seems that Apple Music is going to be part of the Apple TV at launch, more than likely with a software update on day one as will SimpleX, a plex.TV client for Apple TV.

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