What Ryan White used to do the whole Apple and Samsung together make more than 100% of the money made in smart phones thing? The numbers were always a little funny.  The analyst will look at how much profit Apple and Samsung had made and combine it with how much other smartphone makers had lost, move those losses into the gains column for Apple and Samsung and boom Apple and Samsung had made over 100% of the profits and smart phones.

Impressive as over 100% sounds the need for such weekly numbers may have passed.

Bloomberg has run a piece highlighted by The Telegraph of the UK that says Apple accounts for about 90% of the profits made in the mobile industry worldwide. Most of the rest of the roughly 10% goes to Samsung with everyone else either eking out a tiny profit breaking even or losing money.

Most of the Bloomberg piece reads like a postmortem except the patients aren’t quite dead yet, here’s how Sony messed, up here’s how Microsoft, messed up some companies offer to many products, some companies one for volume rather than premium pricing, Both the telegraph piece and the Bloomberg piece on which is based are sort of interesting reads really though it starts and ends the same way Apple makes roughly 90% of the profits made in smart phones today

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