The Swedish sports fashion brand Björn Borg will release its first fitness app ever
– Sprinter. The free iOS app enables you to match with new workout buddies through three simple steps – Sweat, Swipe and Socialize.

Björn Borg wants to pioneer the growing trend of working out together by enabling people to find new workout partners through its mobile app Sprinter. It has taken its inspiration from Tinder, but with fine-tuning the app’s core functionalities.

“The aim with Sprinter is to helpyouto match with a new workout buddy whosharesthe same ambition and interests. Together as a team,youperform better”,Jonas Lindberg Nyvang, Marketing Director, Björn Borg

Sprinter iOS The new iOS app Sprinter brings together Tinder, sports and fashion.
Sprinter iOS 2 The new iOS app Sprinter brings together Tinder, sports and fashion.

Sprinter immediately connects to the Apple Health Kit, which is an app summarising fitness results from all other apps on the user’s iPhone. Working out with an iPhone in the hand or pocket, Sprinter tracks the movement and saves fuel to the account. The fuel is needed to unlock key functionalities in the app, such as flicking through other users and instant messaging. With other words: the user needs to keep active to make the app running.

The app connects to Facebook and Instagram, which makes it easy to share both pictures and workout videos on the profile. It will also find the user’s name, age and location, to make it easy to socialize workouts and reach better results with a new found workout buddy. To inspire others, it will also be possible to invite friends and track their physical activity. For those who need some extra motivation, Sprinter will kick-start each goal by sending out motivational and engaging notifications.

Sprinter is free to download from Apple’s App Store and

Update January 12th 2016

It looks like Sprinter is no more. The server at simply comes up blank and all traces of the App have been removed from the App store worldwide. We’ve reached out to the PR company and we’ll keep you informed as to any updates.

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