Since installing Crystal I’ve been vocal on Twitter about just how often I will share a page from zite or flip board into safari to make it easier to read aka less adverts distracting from the content I want to read.

Going one better than Crystal a content blocker for iOS, Adblock for iOS has just been released. What makes it different from crystal is that it’s a full browser with ad blocking built in rather than an add on.

image2 Adblock Plus releases its web browser for iOS
image3 Adblock Plus releases its web browser for iOS

Adblock knows this and also tout browsing is faster under their offering as well as extending battery life. With less JavaScript and data being processed blocking ads has a nice performance gain.

Although any battery savings gained might be negated with browsing more pages.

Adblock feels very much like its very 1 release outing.

Swiping from either side doesn’t do anything for now but you would imagine this will come in a later build.

Sadly missing is a share sheet icon to allow other apps such as Zite or Flipboard to send web pages to Adblock for ad free browsing.

I’m putting Adblock for iOS , available in the App Store, through its paces and will update this page accordingly.

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