My friends at Lickability asked a while back if I’d be interested in selling Bugshot to them. Since it was worth approximately $0 under my stewardship and I had no plans to ever update it again, I just gave it to them and wished them the best, hoping they’d someday do something with it. Now, they have.

Just in case you don’t remember, BugShot was from Marco Arment which enabled you to markup or annotate screenshots from iOS. Especially handy for pointing out bugs, calling out something that’s right or not right on an app or page.

If you report bugs tools like this are invaluable to show a developer what’s going on rahter than trying to explain it all.

 BugShot Becomes Pinpoint.  Nicely Mark Up iOS ScreenShots
 BugShot Becomes Pinpoint.  Nicely Mark Up iOS ScreenShots

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

• Text. Jot down notes on your screenshots like a boss. Just don’t send them to your boss.
• iOS 8 support. The app now works great on iOS 8 (and with iCloud Photo Library). In fact, we’ve already forgotten about poor, old iOS 7.
• Delete Originals. Get rid of your original, boring screenshot automatically after sharing. Check the Settings or the share sheet if you prefer to do your dirty work manually.
• Colors!!! You can now paint with all the colors of the wind, unlocked for a buck each.

Pinpoint – Mark Up Screenshots available from the App Store

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