GoEuro has launched a brand new free and easy to use app on Android and iOS, providing the best options for travel by train, coach or air, all at the simple touch of a button. The new app will allow users to compare travel time and prices from over 160 rail and coach companies as well as airlines globally, enabling them to compare travel time and prices for the full journey, and book their tickets in eight countries.

 GoEuro. The Ultimate Three in one search for rail, coach and air providers in a simple to use app
 GoEuro. The Ultimate Three in one search for rail, coach and air providers in a simple to use app
 GoEuro. The Ultimate Three in one search for rail, coach and air providers in a simple to use app

Coverage within the UK is extensive and users can search for their tickets from small towns and villages to 3,816 unique locations around the country, making it the first app to be able to find the cheapest, fastest or best way to travel. Naren Shaam, CEO of GoEuro said

“This app makes rail and coach travel as easy to search, compare and book as it is for air; this travel companion will grant you real-time transport information and booking options for every corner of the UK plus several European markets, including major destinations such as London, Brussels and Amsterdam to name a few.

“Travel search has traditionally been dominated by websites and apps that focus on air and accommodation bookings, however the increased popularity of rail and coach transport within the UK and Europe has opened a huge gap in the market to combine all modes of transport in one place. We are offering a must have product for anyone looking to book coaches, trains and air travel domestically or within Europe.”

Covering 4,025 train stations, coach terminals and airports across the UK and 33,000 unique destinations in Europe, the GoEuro app offers the services of three apps in one, eliminating the need to download multiple travel apps.

The GoEuro app can be downloaded from the app store on both Android and iOS phones.

EssentialMac First Looks.

There;s a bit of an oddity with the way at times it will let you choose coach and train services.  For example If I choose a trip to London using my current location selected via GPS I can only choose the train.  Slightly odd given said train station is over 15 miles away and right next door to the coach pick up point, in fact the coach picks up from the train station.

So basically it’s assuming that I can catch a bus to get to the train station, nothing wrong with that.  But…

If I select the town with the train station it’ll then let me choose between available coach trips.

GoEuro is available for Google Play (Android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.goeuro.rosie

and iTunes (iPhones and other iOS devices): https://itunes.apple.com/app/goeuro/id885372509

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