Swiping in app’s has been given a boost since iOS 7 and now MacPaw have taken swiping to a completely new lever.  Doing away with buttons and text labels, MacPaw release Listen, An App that’s “less app and more listening”

Crudely put “Listen” is a gesture based front end music player for your iTunes library.

First run gives you the standard instructions on how to use the app that’s less app BUT pay attention! There’s no way that I’ve found so far to repeat the instructions again. Pay close regard to them as you’ll pay if you don’t.

Some parts of the interface borrow from Castro (our favorite Pod-casting app right now) showing artwork in circles rather than the traditional form view. This is evident in the album artwork mode which we’ll get to in a moment.

The basic gestures (that I could remember)

Swipe from Left To Right
Skips to the next track.

Swipe from Right To Left
Goes back to the start of the now playing track.

Swiping To the top
Allows you to stream to an airplay device, favourite the track or share via message, email and twitter.

Swiping to the bottom.
Places you into album artwork mode





Crudely put “Listen” is a gesture based front end music player for your iTunes library.






Review notes

Intro screen comes up once?
Learning curve?


20140129 113913 MacPaw Listen Review   Gesture Based Interface For Your iTunes Library

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