This one had me stumped for a bit, surely there would be a way to use Airdrop to send images to your Mac without having to email or, god forbid, use a cable.  We’ll there’s good and bad news.

The bad news is that AirDropping between an iPhone and a Mac or Macbook isn’t supported.  At the moment AirDrop is limited to iOS devices only.  That sucks.  However there is an alternative.

DeskConnect For Mac is a FREE download from the Mac App store and will let you transfer files from and to your iPhone.

DeskConnect – for iPhone will let you push to your Mac.

If you have any workaround, hints or tips on how to send files from your iPhone to your Mac please let us know.  And yes, we do know you can do it via a Jailbreak but that’s of little use to those who have taken the leap to iOS 7.1.1

DeskConnect Mini Review.

You need to install both the Mac Client and the iPhone client to send between devices.  I’m not 100% sure why you need to sign up for an account but thankfully I’ve a ghost account for that as it could be seen to be a bit dodgy.

Deskconnect Open At Login How To AirDrop From iPhone To Mac

Once installed on the Mac it resides up in the menu bar waiting to be paired and running.

Onto the fun part, sending files.  Annoyingly you can only send one photo at a time.  You’d have thought that selecting multiple photos would be a must have, taking away the laborious process of doing each picture individually.

Even more annoying is that at a glance who knows where Deskconnect is storing the files.  Sure there is a recent tab under the icon but where they are on my hard drive I’ve no idea.  There are no preferences to change where files are stored.  Thankfully the FAQ is handy and points you to

~/Library/Containers/com.deskconnect.mac/Data/Library/Application Support/DeskConnect

So the plus points. Deskconnect works even if you aren’t really using air drop but a third party program which needs to be installed on both iPhone and Mac.

and finally

DeskConnect does not transfer content locally using Bluetooth or a direct Wi-Fi connection.

so it’s not that much better than emailing files to myself, at least I know where they’d end up.

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