Most blogging apps for iOS like WordPress and, the now sadly defunct, Poster allow image uploading but are relatively poor with doing anything with images.  Not even iPhoto for iOS allows image resizing on your iPad or iOS but there’s an app for that.

Here’s been a general bug bearer of mine for a while.  Quite often I’ll post stories using my iPhone and occasionally in ares with public with but with horrific upload speeds.  Uploading a native file size not only takes an age but also kludges up the website with unnecessarily large images.

20140325 134237 Blogging Tip. How To Resize Pictures on your iPhone

WordPress will upload a picture and resize but it doesn’t keep the proportional sizing. So unless you’re good with maths and can work how the proportional dimensions on the fly or have them saved in a notepad but that’s a another boatload of hassle.

Resize Image is one such app available on for the iPhone.  It’s basic but will do the job even if there are a few niggling UI issues with touch targets and no landscape mode.  There are a few other alternatives as well.

OneEdit Pro : £1.99– You can batch scale images along with the ability to upload to dropbox, skydrive, add text and change export formats.  Last updated 08 January 2014

Reduce : £1.49 – Whilst not a bad interface and supports batching and a nice feature to add a border to an image (handy for posting blog images) it seems this one might have been abandoned as it was last updated on 23 February 2013.  Released before iOS 7 yet still has some of that flourish.

Crop-Size Image Tool : Free – Crop your image and resize with this app.  Only one image at a time and no superfluous features but it’s free and no in app purchases needed to remove ads.  Last updated 2 February 2014

iResize : 69p – Last update 07 November 2013.  Aspect ratio support, cropping and supports DPI settings for the more advanced images (imported from other cameras). Plenty of happy reviews of support in the app store.

Image Size : Free, in app purchase to remove adds : Nicely done and very simple to use.  Ad supported but quick to pickup and use.  Last updated: 13 February 2014

SimpleResizer : Free  It doesn’t get any more basic than this.  Looking like someone’s first coding project doesn’t mean you should gloss this one over.  Could do with being a touch clearer on where images get saved however

Resizify! £0.69 – The newest one here released: 06 February 2014.  Create your own preset, add borders and effects to the images before saving a copy.

There’s a selection of apps to get you going whilst we all sit and wonder why iPhoto doesn’t support image resizing only cropping.  If you have an app you think should be on this list please let us know.


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