The people over at Equinux (@equinux) seem to certainly think so, well at least it’s not stopped them from having a try. They took a standard Micro Sim, cutaway the plastic and some of the actual sim card ready for their iPhone 5. Has anyone else tried this? 

Thanks to the Equinux Twitter People for the picture.  Update I’ve been using my chopped sim for 2 years now.  If you do chop your sim you will be slightly cutting the metal contact

**confirmed** the hatchet job DOES work despite being slightly thicker.

Don’t worry about the sim being a little thicker it will go in with a small amount of force but just don’t push too hard and use your common sense. Take your time when cutting down your sim.

MicroSim to NanoSim Thickness Can you cut down your Micro Sim to Nano Sim Size?

To make things easier consider getting a sim cutting tool to cut down your sim. Amazon sell a range which makes the process a whole lot more easier.


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So in short yes you can cut down a sim and have a fully working nano sim providing you are careful.  You might also be interested in what are the best iPad data plans or find out what the best value phone plan for your iPhone articles.

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