Notice that iOS 8 seems to be draining your battery ever so slightly since the update to iOS 8, here’s how to check what apps are draining the battery life from your phone.

Setting -> General -> Usage -> Battery Usage

 How To Save battery life in iOS 8

and you’ll get the following screen

 How To Save battery life in iOS 8


1: Check for software updates

Sounds obvious but iOS 8 has several under the hood improvements that developers might not have taken advantage off. If theres an update it’s generally safe to install it if the battery life is high after checking above.

2. Restore your device as new (not from backup
It;s possible that a rouge app, stray setting or a feature you’ve enabled but forgotten (such as background updates or uploads) are also culprits. Why not fully backup your device and then to a clean install?

3. Turn off Location Services, Background App Refresh, and Push Notifications

Email is a culprit of this as well as those notifications. Handy as they are they pull data, power up the screen and then show you the info. All very battery consuming. If you don’t need it turn email onto pull and be picky with what you actually need to be notified about.

4. Airplane mode!
You;d be surprised how much battery life you get by going wifi only. Some companies like Three and EE have their own VOIP apps so anyone can call you even if you aren’t using the phone networks.

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