Here’s an interesting, Samsung may try to buy struggling streaming music service Tidal according the rumours of the internet.

The move would be totally unexpected considering Jay-Z’s long ties with Samsung which recently shelled out $28 million to sponsor the latest album and tour from Rihanna who is signed a Jay-Z’s label rock nation.

My immediate thought was this is stupid, doesSamsung really think it can make any gains on Spotify and Apple music by buying a struggling also-ran music service?

Then I remembered how Apple music made strides against Spotify. It was by Apple buying a struggling also-ran music service that time in the form of Beats music which just happened to come with the rapper Dr. Dre. so maybe not so dumb.

Report says Samsung’s not the only company eyeing Tidal, Google and spotify have also reportedly been eyeing the company to bolster their music libraries

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