It’s not THE apple TV but the Apple TV, you know the small black box that we can purchase just so we know what we’re talking about here.  As rumour season has finally climaxed and disappeared it’s now time to speculate on what the little black box may have in store for us in the future.

I’ve never heard of this Mark Cuban fellow but it seems that he’s out there and respected in the ol USA and he’s now chipped in on what Apple could or might do but it’s purely speculative.  Wonder why he’s suddenly piped up (let more rumours start)

The article hints that Apple doesn’t seem to be brokering any major deals for cable companies but is focussing on supplying the hardware for the end of the cable instead.  Having an iOS style display instead of a conventional set to box display.  If it’s as responsive as an iOS device I’d be interested..

 “Having a set-top box that uses a TV-ready version of iOS that changes the paradigm for user interfaces would create a platform from which Apple could sell content and integrate new options. I don’t think there is any doubt that if Apple released a set-top box that supported authentication for multichannel video programming distributors (like cable and satellite companies), it would be a huge success.”

If Apple  were to release something akin to a traditional TV unit with Apple’s own sauce on there would they simply be accused of ripping off Samsung and their god awful internet TV.

Until you get hand controls to be quicker than a remote control, gestures for a TV remain a gimmick

Source (cnet)

 Apple TV : Never Released But Wont Go Away

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