The Apple T2 Chip and Your Security

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In December 2017 Apple released hardware with the new T2 chip technology. It is found on the iMac Pro, 2018 Mac Mini, 2018 MacBook Air, and the 2018 MacBook Pro models.

The T2 integrated several other controllers including the System Management Controller (SMC), image signal processor that works with FaceTime HD, audio controller, Touch ID, Touch Bar, and SSD controller.

From a security perspective the T2 is really quite interesting. The T2 contains a Secure Enclave that provides the platform for Touch ID, Encrypted Storage and Secure Boot.

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Essential Apple Podcast 57: Barely An Atom Out Of Place

Essential Apple Podcast 57: Barely An Atom Out Of Place

What a year this is turning into! This week hurricane Maria battered the unfortunate Caribbean islanders (again), Mexico was hit by a massive earthquake (again) and two loony leaders with weird hairdos traded insults and nuclear threats (again)…

Meanwhile Mark is back from Budapest, and we are joined by the wonderful Bart Busschots of the Let’s Talk podcasts to mull over the Apple Watch 3 and the iPhone 8, to stare in awe and amazement at the power and speed of the A11 Bionic chip, and all the other stuff that caught our attention over the last few days…

Recorded 24th September 2017

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Essential Apple Podcast 56: Wire Chaos & Apple Event Reactions

This week Cassini made its final manoeuvre and crashed into Saturn ending its 13 year scientific mission, some muppets set off a bomb in the Parson’s Green Tube Station injuring 29 people (some of them children) but thankfully there were no fatalities and Apple held a small gathering at their new Steve Jobs Theatre to announce some new shiny toys.

Mark is off in Budapest enjoying a relaxing break from it all. So in his absence I am joined by Sherman Gossett (Commander Shroom) from Utah, Ruth (@CutieMelon321) and, at incredibly short notice, Guy Searle (@MacParrot) from the My Mac Show. We, of course, give our reactions to the Apple Event, and some other stuff – because, well, what else would we be doing on a podcast?

Recorded 17th September 2017

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Apple Let Us Loop You In

Apple Officially Announces March 21 Media Event

Finally we have confirmation that Apple will indeed be hosting an event in March. Speculation has been rife of what might be announced including an iPhone 5Se, updated Apple Watch (too soon?), a new iPad and of course there will be iOS 9.3 which has the rather nice Night Shift mode.

Apple has set up a special page for the event, confirming that it will be streamed live on March 21. The video will be available here.

Apple Patents Liquidmetal Home Button For iOS Devices

Could Apple finally really have a practical use for liquid metal? It seems unlikely doesn’t it. Apple has had exclusive rights to use liquidmetal alloys and consumer electronics since 2010.

So far is had yeiled the pin that helps people pop the cards out of iOS devices and that’s been it, but it seems they aren’t at least considering more uses for the terminator style material.

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Apple Macbook Screen Lamination Issue

Apple Issues New Quality Program To Address Antireflective Coating Issues On Macbook And Macbook Pro’s

This isn’t antenna gate, this isn’t maps gate, or even Stargate.  It’s a problem with some laptops.  Apple has issued an internal notice about a new quality program that addresses antireflective coating issues on MacBook and MacBook Pro models with retina displays.

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Apple Updates iMac Line, 4k Retina Comes To 21.5-inch iMac

Apple updated the iMac line on Tuesday bringing the 2″ iMac to the retina display party.The 21.5 ” iMac is available with the all new retina 4K display featuring a 4096 x 2304 resolution and 9.4 million pixels. 4.5 times more than the standard 21.5 inch iMac display.

Every 27″ iMac features a retina 5K display the world’s highest resolution all-in-one display with 14.7 million pixels, seven times more pixels than HD.

Now we could for over all the techs and specs for the machines but I would really prefer to boil it down to faster, better, more. If you want details rumor has it Apple has a website dedicated to all kinds of Apple products 😀

We can however talk prices available now from Apple Store Apple’s online store and Apple authorized resellers

21.5″ iMac starts at $1099 is a midrange machine for $1299
21.5″ iMac with a retina for K display starts at $1499 and yes you can make each of those machines much more expensive with various build-to-order options.

If you are looking for something bigger the 2″ iMac with retina 5K display comes in three off-the-shelf prices $1799, $1999 and $2299 and than those two can be made more expensive with various whistles and bells.

These latest machine releases went relatively unnoticed by those in the financial analyst world as I guess it didn’t feature “Made In America” like on the Mac Pro.

As usual those who get their pants in a twist about market share continue to give a muted amount of enthusiasm for Apple’s share price. Sheesh what do Apple have to do to impress these days?

OSX El Capitan GM Download

OS X El Capitan GM Candidate Available For Download Today

If you are currently testing OS X El Capitan, please back up your Mac and do the following to install the GM Candidate. Go to your Purchased tab in the Mac App Store and click the Download button next to OS X El Capitan GM Candidate. Then click Continue to download the full OS X installer. When your download finishes, the installer will automatically launch. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete installation.