Apple updated the iMac line on Tuesday bringing the 2″ iMac to the retina display party.The 21.5 ” iMac is available with the all new retina 4K display featuring a 4096 x 2304 resolution and 9.4 million pixels. 4.5 times more than the standard 21.5 inch iMac display.

Every 27″ iMac features a retina 5K display the world’s highest resolution all-in-one display with 14.7 million pixels, seven times more pixels than HD.

Now we could for over all the techs and specs for the machines but I would really prefer to boil it down to faster, better, more. If you want details rumor has it Apple has a website dedicated to all kinds of Apple products 😀

We can however talk prices available now from Apple Store Apple’s online store and Apple authorized resellers

21.5″ iMac starts at $1099 is a midrange machine for $1299
21.5″ iMac with a retina for K display starts at $1499 and yes you can make each of those machines much more expensive with various build-to-order options.

If you are looking for something bigger the 2″ iMac with retina 5K display comes in three off-the-shelf prices $1799, $1999 and $2299 and than those two can be made more expensive with various whistles and bells.

These latest machine releases went relatively unnoticed by those in the financial analyst world as I guess it didn’t feature “Made In America” like on the Mac Pro.

As usual those who get their pants in a twist about market share continue to give a muted amount of enthusiasm for Apple’s share price. Sheesh what do Apple have to do to impress these days?

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