MiniDock blueLounge MiniDock
blueLounge MiniDock

One of the most overlooked areas in my little Apple eco-structure is my sync cable. At the last count I think I have about four, perhaps fiver as they are cheap enough to have one in pretty much every appliance I have with a USB socket.

Now, it’s no secret, Apple products do command a slightly higher price than normal so when I came across the blueLounge MiniDock at $20 acting as a replacement the Apple Dock connector to USB cable I didn’t drop into the typical “who would pay that much for a xxxxx” mindset.

The blueLounge MiniDock si designed to be used with your existing Apple USB Power Adapter to charge your iPhone or iPod.  Meaning no more iOS device on the floor or cable’s having to be tucked away, hidden or tripped over, sending your cherished Apple device hurtling across the room.

Unfortunately with the blueLounge MiniDock is you need to supply the wall mounted charger yourself.  Another downside is that it works best (read only) with flat bottomed devices so those of you with fancy covers might struggle to use this.

The blueLounge MiniDock is available in three versions to fit either US, UK or EU style adapters and sockets ($24.28 is the cost including shipping for our UK users)

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