HTC ONE X V Iphone HTC One X v iPhone Browser Test

The specs of the HTC one are impressive to say the least. Boasting a heft CPU bigger screen amongst the top features. I managed to get my hands on it for a short time and took a video of the HTC One X Browser v iPhone Safari. Seems that the iPhone smoked the HTC One X this time around.. .

Test conditions were the same for both phones.  Hook up to the same wifi connection, standard browser and then go.  Caches had been cleared etc etc.

You can see in the video the javascript that we use on the front page of Essentialmac is a lot smoother on the 4s than the HTC One X.

The HTC One X is available from Three and for a rather tasty price of @29 a month you get

All-you-can-eat data
500 minutes
5,000 texts
Just a shame that it’s on a 24 month contract.  I’m hearing a lot of good things about the phone so it might just be worth taking a look at.


22nd May – Video is up now.

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  1. Got one x wi-fi stopped working after about one months will not keep connection…..somebody solve this problem!!!!!!

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