It’s coming probably as no surprise to anyone that iOS devices take up the Lion share of all internet browsing.  I can vaguely remember what the internet “was like” in a pre iPhone era.  Who else remembers running Opera mobile on phones that ran some semblance of Java?  Sure my HTC Touch Diamond fared better yet it was still an odd affair, layouts broken and slow.  That’s what you get for purchasing a phone with a USP of windscreen wipers going across the screen when it was going to rain on the weather app.

What the below numbers really do is put things in perspective for the old guard like Rim (1.87%), Symbian (1.49%) and even Microsoft (.61%) are really struggling, not only against Apple iOS devices but the relative upstart which is Android.

Quite honestly I expected Android numbers to be a lot higher.  If you were to believe the Galaxy s3 sales numbers along with the pure number of different types of Android handset in mobile phone stores surely a bigger jump would be natrul.  Perhaps this points to confusion in the market itself, different phones with different operating systems with different features etc.  It’s just plain easier to go with something simpler like the iPhone IMO.

And for all those who were thinking that iPads would cannibalise iPhone sales or browsing…  Someone remind me to come back in the next 6 months and see how the Google Nexus impacts on these stats.



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