I’m probably the only person who doubt’s the iPhone 5c will be substantially cheaper given the fact that Apple has just launched their trade in program in the US but anyways, that iPhone 5c just cant stop grabbing the headlines, this time with a leaked manual.

Here’s my guesses for the iPhone 5c.  Yes it will be a little more affordable in relative Apple terms.  That iPad mini wasn’t the much vaunted “cheap” model that everyone seems to think Apple should release and nor should they.  You place the value on your product of what you think it’s worth, not what the market would like.  Would iPad’s really hold their appeal if put in with the same price bracket as those cheaper droid version?

So the trade in program gets people on the first rung of the ladder without Apple having to drop the price of their 5c phone that much to compete.

This makes sense what with Tim Cook keen to get more people into the Apple store, although if he’s ever been to the Apple store in Brent Cross quite how you’d get more people in there will be a challenge in itself.

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