Aaron Sorkin the acclaimed screenwriter finally let some details slip today at The Hero Summit about jOBS, The Steve Jobs biopic, jOBS.  Presented in an act fashion, jOBS will comprise of 3, 30 minute segments focussing on back stage moments before some of the most iconic keynote moments.

“This entire movie is going to be three scenes and three scenes only that all take place in realtime,” Sorkin said. “A half hour for you in the audience is the same as a half hour to a character on the screen.” The three presentations that will serve as backdrops in the film will be the original Macintosh, the debut of NeXT, and the first-ever iPod reveal in 2001. That covers a decent chunk of Jobs’ career, though it also omits many of Apple’s later accomplishments including the iPhone and iPad. Still, Sorkin says he chose the timeframe intentionally, with the classic “Think Different” commercial serving as a potential end point for the film.

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