When it comes to buying overpriced official Apple accessories, I’m usually at the head of the queue.  But even I couldn’t justify paying £25 for what is essentially a lump of plastic, for the iPhone 4 dock. I’ve frequently sought alternatives but many of the good looking docks simply charge the iPhone, not sync it. For a desktop dock that is my number one requirement as I mostly charge my iPhone during the night via the wall charger anyway.

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Over the long weekend I found the Sinjimoru SyncStand for just £9.99 at Amazon. Its design struck me as very Apple like and stylish. And it did the most important thing – sync! You simply feed your own USB sync cable through the SyncStand, as shown in the diagram at the bottom of this page and you’re set. You can even use this with your Bumper on the phone, aswell as place your iPhone on in landscape mode when not charging/syncing.

5660672639 5bdf53cbc1 Sinjimoru SyncStand for iPhone

I’ve been asked about it’s stability when in portrait mode. It’s not held into the dock by anything except the dock connector, but lies against the plastic backrest. This means that if you are touching the iPhone while it’s in this position then it does have a tendency to be a little wobbly. But it certainly won’t fall out of the dock.

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The SyncStand comes in a variety of colour options including white, black, pink and blue. Prices vary on these options.

Sinjimoru SyncStand for iPhone – Amazon.co.uk




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