We have reliable sources that those looking to pick up a reduced price iPad2 can do so from tomorrow from the UK retailing giant, Tesco. Prices have been slashed by £70 and you can bet that stocks are going to fly out.

iPad 2 16gb Wifi Only : was £399 now £329
iPad 2 32gb Wifi Only : was £479 now £399
iPad 2 64gb Wifi Only : was £579 now £479

iPad 2 16gb Wifi + 3g : was £499 now  £429
iPad 2 32gb Wifi + 3g : was £579 now £499
iPad 2 64gb Wifi + 3g : was £659 now £579

Tesco links are here : HOWEVER you can support this site and help with a few bills by shopping with Amazon. In return we give you fresh and unique content and a reason to turn your computer on*

This little beauty has served us well and is just about coming up to being 11 months old. Always kept in it’s protective case it’s your chance to grab a great iPad deal.  Complete with the box, cables and charger in superb condition.

iPad 2 Black Wifi Only:

MC769LL/A (16 GB Black), MC770LL/A (32 GB Black) andMC916LL/A (64 GB Black)


iPad 2 Black Wifi & 3G

MC773LL/A (16 GB Black) , MC774LL/A (32 GB Black) and MC775LL/A (64 GB Black)


iPad 2 White Wifi Only:

MC979LL/A (16 GB White), MC980LL/A (32 GB White) and MC981LL/A (64 GB White)


iPad 2 White Wifi & 3G

MC982LL/A (16 GB White), MC983LL/A (32 GB White) and MC984LL/A (64 GB White)

Disclaimer.  We aren’t recommending any of these retailers unless specifically mentioned said but shopping on Amazon is safe and secure.  All model numbers are provided from the rather excellent MacTracker.

*ok perhaps not the only reason but it’s a reason none the less.

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