Mountain Lion introduces over 200 new features, looking at “just 8” today.  Mountain Lion is due for release in July for $19.99 (no uk price set yet)

Siri comes to the Mac

Siri is definitely pivotal in the world of Apple. Mountain lion will introduce full Siri voice dictation.  Siri will be on Mountain Lion as well as the iPad 3. Dictation is definitely a big thing as most people will be already using Dragon, which in itself is a dam fine product, but has still failed to really capture the hearts and minds of people even with their budget version, Dragon express.

PowerNap : Updates your Mac whilst asleep.

Keep your Mac up-to-date while it sleeps, your Mac will sync and udpate when it’s offline, and will back itself up when charging.  It’s easy on your battery, won’t spin your fans, compatible with 2ndGen Airs and the new MBP.

Mountain Lion Safari Updated To Version 6.

Huge updates include a new unified search bar, multi-device syncing.

Notification centre.

Notifications always appear in the same spot on your desktop and disappear quickly so they don’t clutter up your screen.  Emails, software updates, app updates, twitter, Facebook (coming soon)

AirPlay Mirroring!

Pixel-for-pixel 1080p pushed to your TV.  Finally no more cables to TV for watching stuff on the big screen.  Will also support AirPlay audio to enabled speakers.

New Reminders app

iCloud enabled. Use gestures to navigate through reminders, and you can now get location-based reminders.  Set due dates and you’ll get alerts as deadlines approach. Set a location from your Mac, and your iPhone or iPad will remind you when you get there. Check items off your lists as you go and keep track of what you’ve completed.

iCloud  Document synchronisation

The iCloud Document Library is a convenient, consistent way to access your iCloud documents across all your Mac computers and iOS devices.  Over 125 million users registered, Messages, Reminders, and Notes: document based apps coming soon to iCloud too with Documents in the Cloud.


Game Center: multiplayer mac-to-mac gaming and cross-device games as well, Mac v  iPad etc.

Mountain Lion releases in July priced at $19.99.  For full details on all of the 200+ Mountain Lion Features, head over to the Apple website.

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